Proud and loud!

This is my first post in English. I have waited a while, but I guess it is about time. Today I had a Skype conversation with my sister in law. She lives in London together with my brother and nice, and for about 3 months with one of our friends who moved out there for several reasons, one of them being to provide a better life for his family, one that has a child. So, after living with my brother for a while, he decided to find an apartment for him and his family that is still in Romania. Guess what, nobody wanted to lease their apartment to a family that has a child! One of the owners interrupted the conversation from the point he learned that our friend had a child. How is that fair or normal? Others said that they could not rent a 2 rooms apartment to a family with one child, that the child needed another room. So, he had to look for about 1 month. And finally, he lied about it, no children in this picture. He did not intend to do that but after several turn downs he had to do it. He needs to move for his family to move there with him. How is this normal? Is it even human to say no to someone just because he has a child? We were all children at one point, how about that? How can you turn somebody down for this reason? Is it even a reason? Is it legal? Who cares, he is an immigrant anyway, isn’t he? And they are all talking about us, saying bad things,  making us look like we don’t like to work, that we are all bad, when I am saying us, I mean East Europeans. Well, you’d better think twice, we are so much better. More educated, more concerned about work, always giving our best and always friendly and smiling. If we decide to move, it is not because we are not good enough for our country, it is because we want what’s best for us and the ones we love. We do not want anything for free, we work and do not wait for social benefits. We speak at least 1 foreign language, one of them being English. I am proud of who I am and I have decided to stay here, for now. But please, be aware, we are more valuable than you can imagine. Treat us right! And, if we put our minds to it, we will find a way, maybe not your way, but we’ll get it right, at least for us!
Never too late to change your minds, we will get better anyways, just like wine!